To Taste

20 Sep

This blog entry is for our Marketing Class. So here it goes. :)
We are students of CCA, and were on our 9th level. We’re taking our Marketing Class and we have this activity in which we need to market the class of Level 4 students handled by Chef Trisha Ocampo and create a blog of our dining experience. BLO is an abbreviation for Breakfast and Lunch Operation. Students from this class operate their own kitchen from doing the Market list, operating their own kitchen, housekeeping and accounting.

To Taste

It is a fusion cuisine style restaurant. We dine for breakfast and it’s quite okay.
To Taste is what they named their operation. For breakfast we had Goto, Tapsilog with Garlic Fried Rice and Salted Egg. The main was followed by pandesal with an assortment of preserves and a fruit cup. Traditional Filipino breakfast, carbs all the way, but we’re chefs in the making so we need our energy.

We started off with the goto, it was good, not too heavy leaving room for our main meal.

The typical Filipino portions, the plating was good, but an improvement to it could be to arrange the salted egg and tomatoes where it would be more visible. But overall, a very filling meal.

The main was followed by the pandesal and the fruit cup with assorted preserves. By this time, we were all pretty much stuffed, but we enjoyed this plate nonetheless.

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Overall, the meal was filling, aesthetically pleasing and a good steal for only P75! If you are in the Katipunan area, definitely come to CCA and check out the Breakfast Lunch Operations, but hurry because they’re only open for another two weeks!


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