Best I Ever Had

28 Jan

This Blog post is about me and my boyfriend, our 1 year together. I just want to share the best feeling this boy made me feel for the past months.

So, it was October 18, 2010, my first day as a trainee at The Peninsula Manila in Makati. We have our orientation, tour around the hotel and some other stuff. Because I’am a Culinary student I was assigned at the Cafeteria of the Hotel. This is where I met  my ever loving boyfriend, Romnick Pielago.

He happens to be my so called “Chef” there. He pretty much handles all trainees in Sunburst (Cafeteria). My first week working there was the “getting to know” stage, not just for me and romnick but also to my other Chefs and co-trainees. It was fun, I’ve met new awesome people. 🙂

One day, the other trainees and my  Chefy Babe decided to go out together. So, we went to trinoma (me, romnick & adan) and waited for the other 2 (Cha & Vina) to arrive, pero si Adan kailangan na umalis. So, kami na lang ni romnick naiwan. This is where i think everything started. Kwentuhan to the max kami dalawa. Lovelife, Career, Life. After nang gala namen na toh, naging close na kami ni romnick.

First, He texted me Quotes, tapos messages na, then nanligaw na. hhihi. *KILIG*. We had so much fun working together. Sobrang daming kalokohan, like one time i was eating cornetto drumstick icecream, the sabi ko sa kanya pahawak muna tawag ako ni Chef Vic, pagbalik ko sarap na sarap na siya sa ice cream ko! take note, di pa kami nun. Well, ako naman di naman choosy so kinaen ko padin yung ice cream. HAHA. Sabi nang friend niya isa daw yun sa nagustuhan niya sa akin. Di daw ako maarte. 🙂

Finally, December 08, 2010, It’s official! I finally said YES to him. I made him very happy. Im ure of that! 🙂  you wanna know why? kasi the next day after ko siya sagutin. Super di matanggal ngiti niya sa cafeteria. HAHA

Now, It’s been 1 year and I keep on falling in love with him like  the first day.. I love him like I love my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother. This guy is very close to my heart. I always thanks God na binigyan niya ako nang lalaking sobrang inaalagaan ako at di kayang mawala ako sa kanya..

I’m just so happy!

To my Romnick: Thank you for making me feel love. Kahit my times na nag aaway tayo nothing can change the fact na ikaw ang pinaka mamahal ko baby! 🙂 I love you!

Here are some pictures of us! 🙂

Our Spongebob couple shirt! HAHA


Naghihiwa kami nang onions, Then, sabi namen, “pagnaiyak na tayo picture tayo” HAHA. yan anf kinalabasan.. :))

First New Year together! JAN 1 2011

Baby celebrated new year with my family! New year 2011 🙂

Our very first picture! 🙂

yes! First picture of us! @Trinoma 🙂

Us being silly! I love you baby!




Early Bird for Class ;)

22 Sep

My class for today shall start at 9 a.m but because I need to leave the house early, I arrived at School at 6:30 in the morning.

So, forgive the face, I’m still sleepy.. I have nothing to do here so i’ve decided to have a blog on how early i went to class.  🙂 Probably, my classmates are still asleep as of the moment. While I”am here at our school lobby alone and HUNGRY! 😀

Anyways, i have nothing to do.. 🙂 My BLOG ends here.

To Taste

20 Sep

This blog entry is for our Marketing Class. So here it goes. :)
We are students of CCA, and were on our 9th level. We’re taking our Marketing Class and we have this activity in which we need to market the class of Level 4 students handled by Chef Trisha Ocampo and create a blog of our dining experience. BLO is an abbreviation for Breakfast and Lunch Operation. Students from this class operate their own kitchen from doing the Market list, operating their own kitchen, housekeeping and accounting.

To Taste

It is a fusion cuisine style restaurant. We dine for breakfast and it’s quite okay.
To Taste is what they named their operation. For breakfast we had Goto, Tapsilog with Garlic Fried Rice and Salted Egg. The main was followed by pandesal with an assortment of preserves and a fruit cup. Traditional Filipino breakfast, carbs all the way, but we’re chefs in the making so we need our energy.

We started off with the goto, it was good, not too heavy leaving room for our main meal.

The typical Filipino portions, the plating was good, but an improvement to it could be to arrange the salted egg and tomatoes where it would be more visible. But overall, a very filling meal.

The main was followed by the pandesal and the fruit cup with assorted preserves. By this time, we were all pretty much stuffed, but we enjoyed this plate nonetheless.

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-56" title="

Overall, the meal was filling, aesthetically pleasing and a good steal for only P75! If you are in the Katipunan area, definitely come to CCA and check out the Breakfast Lunch Operations, but hurry because they’re only open for another two weeks!


17 Sep

Like every class we had on CCA, we always have our ALP/ Alternative Learning Program in every subjects we have. This time, it’s for our HRM and Purchasing Class. We Went to Taal Vista, Tagaytay last Friday Sept. 09, 2011; we arrived at around 9 am and immediately unpack our stuff. At around 9:30 am we went down to the lobby and we have this short tour to their facilities like their purchasing office, storage room, pastry kitchen and etc. after the tour we went to the function room and the Purchasing Manager and the HR manager gives us a small talk regarding the functions of their respective departments, How their operations work. After the orientation, we went out for lunch at Leslies, a Filipino style restaurant.

Enjoying our Arrival

Our Room ♥

Lunch at Leslies

Eating our Lunch

In the afternoon, Ms. Kate Borja prepared different activities for us. This activities is very helpful a team building. We finished at around 4 pm. We went back to our assigned rooms and have our free time. We all gathered at around 6 pm for our dinner at Fire Lake Grill of Chef Paul Huang. We had an amazing 5 course meal dinner, very delicious. We had small talk with the Chef and we went back to our hotel at 9 pm in the evening and we went to sleep.



Dinner at Fire Lake Grill, Tagaytay

After this very productive Day, We had the chance to unwind and enjoy the rest of the night. We Drink and sing and enjoy everyones company and we had lots of fun. We slept at around 1 in the morning.



In the morning, Sept. 10, 2011we have our breakfast at 8:30 in the morning and after eating, we went to our function room to meet Chef Babes Austria of Taal Vista, former Executive Chef of The House of the President. She shares her story with us and the passion she have for food. She is really inspiring, she has this personality that makes me feel so inspired to work harder and make my dreams a reality. After meeting with Chef Babes, it’s now time for us to leave the hotel. We went to Summit Ridge Hotel and have a tour at their kitchen and facilities with Chef Rhea. After that, we went for a light lunch at Manos Greek Restaurant while having this beautiful view. At around 1 pm, it’s time for us to go back to manila.


4 Sep

Okay, so this would be my first official post.

CCA SPORTSFEST 2011, It was yesterday Sept 3, 2011 at the Ateneo Gymnasium

Super Saya.. We had the parade at around 12nn. The activity was very successful.

Maraming students ang nag attend may 3 klaseng games na pwede salihan nang mga students

Volleyball, Basketball and badminton.

For me, Volleyball at badminton ang sinalihan ko.

Unang game ko is for the volleyball, i was the Captain and it was so much fun

to make new friends, like naging friend ko yun iba kong mga ka team

from level 2 and 3 😀


We finished at around 6:30 in the evening

We had our Awarding Ceremony and lots of picture taking

Im so happy to recieve the award for Volleyball Mythical 6

and Women Champion for Badminton Singles.

It was a productive day for us and it was really fun.



After this wonderful event, my body is sore all over i can’t even move. 😐

but still, it was a great experience. Nakapag exercise narin ako at nakapag burn nang fats. haha



14 May

Blogs will be posted soon! : )